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Customize Your Own Energy Drink!

Squad athletes, 

As most of you know, I am very much into making sure nutrition on race days is at the same level as training or sleep preparations. So many races in the world are derailed, not by the lack of training hours, but by not fueling properly! This article may have more warrant to the long course racer (70.3 to 140.6) but absolutely can work for anything lower and faster as well!

Females - General guidelines here would be to consum 1g/kg of carbohydrate/hour on the bike. For example, a 60kg woman should consume ~60g/CHO/hour during their race. This would equate to roughly 240 kcals of food ingestion. 

Males - Due to the larger muscle mass and body size, males should look to consume anywhere from 75-90g/CHO/hour during their races. For an 80kg male, this would be ~360kcal for 80g of consumption! 

Now, most of you know generally utilize mostly gels, which are anywhere from 100-120kcal and 22g/CHO per packet. When you add this up, you would be needing at least 3 of these an hour, plus some additional with say a carbohydrate drink. It does make it a bit harder to get enough. What I want to share with you below is my own custom drink that I create for my races (all liquid) that provides me with enough calories in 1 location! 

Meal Plan - 
1. Maltodextrin Power (MyProtein) - (~$14 / 5kg)
            50g  / 200kcal / 50g CHO
2. Skratch Labs Hydration Mix (Skratch Labs) - ($19.50)
            25g / 90kcal / 24g CHO
3. Honey - ($8 / 350g)
            15g / 49kcal / 12.2g CHO

Total in bottle / per hour = 
90g mixed / 339kcal / 86g CHO

As you can see, it doesn't cost much to get much denser nutrients and enough energy into your system. And then if your body can handle it, adding in a few gel blocks, banana, Snickers bar, to just top off your system and possibly get some real food in the system. 

This is just some information to use if you so choose. I am not advocating that you must use only liquid energy forms or need to follow this recipe, just trying to add some spice into the race day and insure that nutrition is covered ;) For training days, other than knowing your race day nutrition will work, I definitely advocate having more fun and enjoyable foods to eat!

Best training!