Race results

Smashing PB's Around The World!

October 2

Rothenbach an der Pegnitz 10k, Germany:
Florian Staudt has finished his multisport season for the year, but is showing continuous good training and fitness as he set a new personal best at the 10km distance in Germany this weekend! Keeping some good off-season goals and consistent training is always a good bridge between the triathlon seasons! Really well done!

Southhampton Fast Twitch Triathlon, UK:
Mark Darcy finished off his season with a fine 4th place in the Sprint triathlon on the southern coast of the UK! The great part about this race, is that it is a repeat of an earlier season race in the Spring, allowing for good comparison between the two races. And Mark was able to improve his time over the course of the season by 1:36. A nice decrease in overall time and PB on a short race. Well done, Mark!

Duensburg MTB Marathon, Germany:
Sascha Moryson got back to racing this weekend in Germany with a 57km MTB marathon incorporating 1760m of climbing! Unfortunately for Sascha, he was stuck behind some 100 riders at the start and had to move through traffic the whole race. Some strong efforts, but mentally draining traffic jams landed him in 7th position by the finish, and still a great overall effort! One more big marathon this weekend to end a great season! 

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