Race results

Season Is In Full Swing, Worldwide!

May 21

Willingen MTB Marathon - Germany 

Maxi Spahn continued his good roll of form this Spring as he came 4th place Elite at the Willingen Bike Marathon in Germany this past weekend. Non-ideal pre-race day work/driving/late-to-bed/etc all led to a bit of a stressful race day, but Maxi was able to calm those nerves and produce a really nice result on the day!


Emmelshausen MTB Marathon - Germany

Sascha Moryson continued his fine build of fitness this weekend with a very solid training-race in Germany. Feeling in control, focusing on nutrition/pacing, and still having a great result really lets the confidence flow ahead of the first UCI-Marathon MTB Worlds qualifier in the Czech-Republic in a couple weeks! 


70.3 Barcelona - Spain

Lee Melling got his season kicked off with a very steady and strong day at 70.3 Barcelona! With the main focus on IM Switzerland in a couple months, it was good to see a well rounded effort on a hilly course showing some good fatigue resistance required for Ironman. We always search for faster, but being able to just keep moving is also very important! Well done, Lee! 

Challenge Heilbronn - Germany

Kathi Ohlmeyer smashed a great day out in Heilbronn this weekend even with the frigid cold river swim. In/out of the water, Kathi got to work on the bike doing what she does best moving through the amateur ranks. And while not surprising, very welcomed was a magnificant run that brought her to 4th AG and 12th Overall Amateur on the day! A new nutrition strategy paid off, racing with a cap on numbers rather than specific details, and just enjoying the process allowed for a Challenge Championship qualification, and very good confidence boost ahead of IM Frankfurt! Proud of you, Kathi!

Patrick Jung has had an unfortunate muscle injury in the back/upper legs the past month or so that has prevent any run training from happening. We have focused more on the swim/bike, but of course, not the level we'd have liked or wished in order to not make the injury worse. But Paddy showed great resiliance by toeing to the start line and doing the best he could on the day. He was able to finish the half-marathon when we thought it not possible, and didn't cause any more damage to the body. Let's hope that is the start of a good rehab and we can now start working towards IM Hamburg. Very impressed with your tenacity and resiliance, Paddy!!


Laguna's UCI Gran Fondo - Mexico

Carlos Martinez continued his rehab from IT Band Syndrome with a 20min PB over the same course, finishing this Gran Fondo in 4:37:26 and in 15th place Overall! With a great rehab and strength program, and some consistent training and rest over the past few weeks has really done great things for the fitness already! Way to have patience and make sure you're doing everything at a steady and consistent pace. No over-shooting and causing more issues is the best way! Great, Carlos! 


Popoi'a Open Water Ocean Swim - Hawaii

Michelle Simmons put her swimming skills to useage this weekend by taking the Age-Group win at the Popoi'a Open Water Swim Series in Hawaii. Noticing some opponents closer to her and having to work for the win was great and we think makes it a much more full-filling day! Easy wins are nice, but learning how to win when it's tough is price-less! Well done, Michelle! Let's take those feelings and confidence into 70.3 Hawaii next week! 

Munich Cup.de Olympic Triathlon - Germany

Fabian Kral started his multi-sport season with a very cold Olympic distance race in Munich this past weekend. With 14deg water, and rain/cool air-temperature, it's really hard to be firing on all cylinders, no matter who you are. Still, after a solid day, with some solid numbers on the bike/run, Fabian can chalk it up as a great training day for the Ingolstadt middle distance, and IM Frankfurt coming up in the next few weeks! Way to persevere, Fabian! 


Gempen Berglauf - Switzerland

Good to see Jan Tschudy back in his element (trail-running) after some very slow building of fitness this Spring due to some complications of ultra-distance running! Back to having fun, racing the competitor, and being the best you can be is what it's all about! Look forward to getting back on the horse, and the goals that await this year! 


Brooklyn Half Marathon - USA 

Sean Laude produced a very solid half-marathon this past weekend taking the pacing roll for some friends! It's always nice to run with your buddies, get a great training day out of it as we prepare for marathon season in the Fall, and stay healthy is priceless! Great job, Sean! 


NeuseenClassics - Germany

Christian Pleul took to the start of a road cycling marathon this past weekend as he continues his preparations for his longer distance triathlon races in the summer! Avoiding all crashes, putting in a solid day of riding your bike, and getting a good training day with some new season best power numbers is always a great way to end up a week! 


St. George Olympic Triathlon - USA 

Dan Whitney got his season started after a crazy Winter/Spring of travel at the St. George Olympic Distance triathlon in the USA. After a very solid day all around, he was able to cross the finish line in 2nd place AG! An awesome start to the season! Even with work/life stress and travel, Dan shows that you can still compete at a very good level as long as you're smart about the training/rest prescription and consistency!