Process Vs. Outcome

September 18

It is September, and now most of us are reflecting on our 2018 seasons and planning towards 2019. As you do this, I want to ask what I believe is more important than any race outcome. How was the PROCESS of your training and race execution?

As Brett Sutton wrote in a recent blog, there is way too much stock on the end game/result of races and letting short-term performance dictate someones enjoyment of the sport.

It has been evident in the past couple weeks as I have had athletes produce break-through performances in both triathlon and the marathon because they were coached to not worry about the finish (outcome goal) and only focus on what they could control (process goal). This included pacing easier than goal pace in the beginning, hydrating and feeding more than they thought was enough, and enjoy the day as a whole. At the end of each event, the result on the scoreboard as well within the mind of these athletes was significantly better than planned for.

It all comes down to doing the best you can as an individual on the day. Forgetting about the "necessity" of a Kona or Port Elizabeth start place, and being in the moment every second and hour of the race. The desired result and finish line will be there when you do what you can to control the 99%er's and not stress about the 1%'ers. There will be many races where you don't make a personal best, most likely due to weather or course conditions. It's a shame that all these races are now being billed as an ensured PB race venue. That is so far from the truth, nor should it be the goal. This causes athletes to focus on the things they shouldn't worry about and just causes undue stress both pre- and on race-day. Instead, look to this following example of things you may forget about, but are the best cues to check yourself.

1. Effort / Pace
2. Nutrition
3. Hydration
4. Sleep / Recovery
5. Smile

We coach our athletes to "be the best they can be". If you control what you can in training and during the race, be proud and enjoy your accomplishment. Maybe that means you win, maybe that means you learn.

Train hard, train smart!

Join Torden Multisport and Trisutto Coach Carson Christen at his next training camp in and at Playitas Resort, March, 2019. 
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