Race results

Podiums, Podiums, Podiums All Around!

April 9

This weekend saw Torden athletes world-wide putting some great performances and rising to the podiums at the end of their races!


Merrill Ranch Sprint Triathlon -

Melissa Barrett continued her rampage through the Arizona triathlon scene with the overall victory at the Merrill Ranch Sprint in Florence, Arizona this past weekend! Even though our goals are 70.3 St. George and Hawaii later in the year, it's always nice to know that you can show up at a short distance race and still rip some legs off! A very strong race had her produce the fastest swim/bike/run legs of the day for a clean sweep! Very well done, Melissa!!!!

Hellental MTB Marathon -

Sascha Moryson started his marathon mountain bike season off this past weekend with the 60km Hellental marathon in Germany. A strong performance in the first race landed Sascha with a 3rd place finish on the day. With the goal of qualifying for the UCI Mtb Marathon World Championships, this was a good start, and let us know where we stand fitness wise. 

Bruedner Fruehlingslauf 21.1km -

Larissa Vogt is on a tear with her running recently and it's showing with yet another personal best ever half-marathon on Saturday in Bruedner with a fine 4th place! At the finish line, knowing you could have dug deeper and gone even faster is a great feeling and let's us save up for the big days to come in the next couple months in Mallorca and Rapperswil! Great courage to start easy and finish faster! 

Lanikai Sprint Triathlon -

Michelle Simmons finished on the podium this week after a rough day out at the Lanikai Sprint Triathlon. Forgetting the data and just racing, especially when the feeling isn't there on the day is the best way to reach the finish line. Proud of Michelle for persevering and doing her absolute best she could on the day. We keep tweaking our methods and strive for that good feeling going forward into the next few races. 

Southhampton Fast Twtich Sprint Triathlon -

Mark Darcy took a 3rd place podium this weekend in the UK. With quite a bit of travel the past month, the training has been a bit spotty but Mark still showed up and did an all around strong race. We need to get back in the pool on  a consistent basis and build that foundation that will carry the rest of the race day. The saying "You won't win the race in the swim, but you can certainly lose it" can hold a big place from short to long-course racing! 


Bad Staffelstein Half-Marathon -

Andi Hering is taking a nice slow build up to Ironman Italy this year, but hoped in a half-marathon this past weekend, looking to help a fellow club member to a sub-1:30 run time. Unfortunately, the allergies in Germany are fairly bad right now and he was just on the back foot all day, feeling empty in the gas tank. At the finish line, it still ended being a solid run workout and still builds that endurance/fitness for later in the year! There are many more days to come!