Race results

Persevering To Massive PB's + Kona World Championship Qualification!

June 5

Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil - Switzerland

Dino Geisshuessler joined the squad after attending our training camp in Fuerteventura this Spring and has already show massive gains in his fitness with "icing on the cake" at Rapperswil 70.3 this past weekend! He produced a very steady swim/bike/run day in the heat and produced a 40min PB over the same course since last year! With a very "young" training-age, Dino is already learning the ropes and will only continue to get stronger and we look forward to seeing how he improves ahead of his next goals later in the year, and long-distance next season! Very well done, Dino!


Georgi Zaitsev had produced a very solid swim, but then had a tough day out on the bike/run courses in the heat of Rapperswil, but still could smile and finish the best he could on the day. When you feel flat on the bike, it can be a long day, so it's very important to work on the mental aspect and get on with how you can. Great work to persevere and reach another finish line, Georgi! 


Larissa Vogt on the heels of a solid 70.3 Mallorca a couple weeks ago, produced an 11min PB over the Rapperswil course! After a swim that wasn't up to her standards, Larissa was able to compose herself and even with the hilly bike and hot run course, could reach the finish line with a smile and new best time! It was a solid first part of the season, with a couple very good results, and now we focus on the next processes to be even more efficient and quicker in the future! 


Ironman 70.3 Honu - Hawaii

Michelle Simmons took the word "persevere" to the ultimate level this past weekend in Hawaii. After coming out of the water 2nd, and off the bike in 5th, Michelle had to overcome a lot of physical and mental deamons to cross the finish line on the run. With her finish, she had a very welcome Ironman World Championships slot waiting for her due to roll-down of local athletes!!! As a coach to some very good athletes herself, it's always nice to brainstorm what works and doesn't work with training with Michelle and both grow our knowledge base. We made it to Kona, and know we have some research to do in order to get on some non-training based factors that inhibit performance in the heat. We look forward to constantly challenging the status quo and finding out what will work to make Kona the best experience possible in October! Really great work, Michelle! 


Neuseenman Olympic Distance - Germany

Christian Pleul had a tough day out but got to the finish line at the Neuseenman Olympic in Germany. Never fun when the weather decides to go from early Spring like temperatures and rain to late-summer heat and sun in a couple days, not letting the body adapt. We simply move on to the next round and take the lessons we learned here to make sure the performance continues to build. Nice work to persevere on the day, Christian. 


Los Angeles Triathlon - USA

Sean Laude took his East Coast spunk to the West Coast for some fast triathlon racing in the heart of downtown LA! Without a lot of swim training so far due to various circumstances, Sean produced a very solid swim! The bike and run were also decent, but we learned that sometimes, you can't fake a lack of specific triathlon workouts and training, yet he still came across the line with a top-10 AG placing and a fun trip to LA! Very glad that the day was a pleasant experience and we could learn a few things!