Race results

Persevere! Best You Can On The Day.

April 16

70.3 Peru -

Gustavo Beathyate took part in his 2nd 70.3 Lima race this year producing a 6min PB in 5:03, while also finishing 11 places higher than last year! This result came on the back of a 3min bike PB, 2min run PB, and a bit faster T1 and T2 from last year. While still not totally happy with his performance on the day, we have to look at the positives and what was done well to improve that 6min on the same course over 1 year! Consistent hard and smart work was done and it shows! With a bit more experience in the sport of triathlon and really being able to find that limit, the personal bests will keep coming! Well done, Gustavo! 

USA Duathlon Nationals - 

Sean Laude travelled to Greenville, South Carolina this past weekend to see what kind of racing he could accomplish given some pretty hefty calf/ankle issues this Winter/Spring that inhibited training quite heavily. Sean was able to come out unscathed during the draft-legal event on Saturday with a top-10 placing to qualify for the World Championships in 2020! Onto Sunday, we were excited about the longer non-draft race, but unfortunately, Sean was hit with two flat tires during the bike portion, requiring many minutes of waiting to find some support. He still finished the day as we always do, and still based on rankings, will qualify for 2020 Worlds as well! Nice job Sean! We went to test the body, come home healthy, and qualify; all of which were done! 


Elkhart TT Series -

Bill Knoedel braved the elements for the first Elkhart Time Trial of the year in Iowa. Brutal winds produced very slow times overall, but with Bill's hard work on the turbo this winter pushing that big gear, he could stay stable on the bike and cut through the wind to be 1 of 5 riders to go under 20min on the day, taking the win, and starting his year off right! Well done, Bill! 


Boston Marathon - 

Markku Rossi recently transplanted to the USA for a year of work, and what better place than Boston where you've qualified to race the Boston Marathon! We hit some rough patches of nagging injuries over the past 6 months or so since his qualifier in Tallinn, but luckily have gotten healthy and could string together some decent training weeks. With his longest run having been just over 20k, we went in with a cautious approach to the race. Markku went well and beyond expectations, producing a very solid and consistent overall race, making up lots of ground over the hill sections and finishing within 10minutes of his best time ever even with such a low build up! Way to persevere, enjoy and experience the Boston atmosphere! 


Kellerwald Bike Marathon -

Maxi Spahn looked to continue his solid run of form at the Kellerwald MTB Marathon this past weekend in Germany. Unfortunately, some back troubles inhibited giving his complete energy on the day. He was still able to do the best he could, coming across the line as 2nd Elite  for another podium. There are some things we need to change and do non-training related to ensure that we can show up confident and physically capable of racing to the best of our ability. Rememeber, it's not just the training that makes the results, especially at the Elite level! 


Wallesellin Sprint Triathlon -

Larissa Vogt continued her build up to 70.3 Mallorca and Rapperswil by shocking the system with a short little burst of effort in the rain/cold/wind of Switzerland this past weekend. We found out some things about pre-race that we need to change and utilize to be more ready for the abrupt starts to the swim, but Larissa overcame the conditions and short nature of the race to finish with a fine top-10 effort, safely home, and ready to get to some warm races in the next few weeks!