Race results

Making Goals A Reality!

April 30

Ironman Texas - USA 

Norwegian Pro Allan Hovda has had the goal of setting the Norwegian long-course record of 8:26:20 for many years now. This has been one of his top priorities since joining the squad along with winning the Norseman again. We achieved Norseman last year for the 3rd time, and just barely missed out on the Norwegian record in Barcelona. Fast forward a few months, some good solid work, and Allan was able to put together a very solid race in tough conditions to break the national record by nearly 6minutes on Saturday in The Woodlands, Texas. 

No one can explain to you better than Allan himself, and I will let him discuss his race and the process here in his blog post!

A big congrats to you, Allan! You are the epitome of consistent, hard, and very analytical work, and it has payed off in big ways! 

Photo Credit: James Mitchell Sports Photography


Inter-Services Standard Distance Duathlon Championships  - UK 

Jappas Du Preez has been training all season so far for the ITU Long Distance Championships this next weekend in Pontevedra, Spain but toed to the line last week with his regiment at the Inter-Services Duathlon Championships! Even though we have been training for much longer, strength based efforts; Jappas was able to put together a brilliant performance on the day, coming in top-10 overall, and placing 2nd in the Royal Logistics Corp Championships! Along with this great individual result, Jappas was able to help his regiment take home two victories for the Inter-Service Team Champs (Army), and Logistic Corps Champs (RLC). 

Big congrats to you and your squad, Jappas! Now we focus on going even higher at the ITU Long Distance Champs this upcoming weekend in Spain! Rest up and get ready to grip it and rip it! 


Valdosta State 5k Run - USA

David Delgado took part in a local 5k this past weekend in Georgia. After a previous 5k race was DQ'd due to taking a wrong turn, he was out to get revenge and he did just that. David took the overall win and set a 30 second 5k PR during the day! Very well done, David! 

Photo Credit: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority / 5th Annual Breath Easy 5k


Cube Cup Scheckenlohe - Germany

Maxi Spahn was able to rebound after a back injury 2 weeks ago to regain his fitness and place 4th Elite at the first round of the Cube Cup XC Series in Germany. Sitting in 3rd place for most of the race behind a couple World Cup level athletes, Maxi had a brief technical mistake on the last downhill saw him lose his podium spot, and couldn't close down the gap at the end. Still a very solid day to rebuild the confidence and change the bike position a bit to hopefully prevent any further injuries in the future. 

Photo Credit: TSV Werneck 


Zurich Marathon - Switzerland 

Dino Geisshuessler put in a fine performance at the Zurich Marathon this weekend, showing some great attention to detail on not over-pacing the first bit of the course, and ends with a big day moving towards our future goals of 70.3 Rapperswil and then Ironman Switzerland next year! Dino was one of our campers on Fuerteventura and decided he wanted to take his training to the next level. Over the past few weeks, he's been making great inroads in the swimming pool, and also clearly evident with the run!  Pleased with your work, and look forward to reaching your future goals together, Dino!