Race results

From A British Army Record Set In Kona to Sutto Shuffling Through The Jordan Desert!

October 16

Jappas Du Preez produced a stellar result at Kona on the weekend! Not phased by any of the pre-race shenanigans or running around in his briefs, he was able to enjoy time with his legs up and make sure he produced the best possible on the day! And he did just that! Having his goggles ripped off only 1k into the swim, he swam the next 2.8km with none, and still produced a more than respectable time! Then onto the bike, the plan as to ride strong the last 70km (as anyone should) and not get caught up in the testosterone release of the first 90km to Hawi. Sure enough, the others faded dramatically and Jappas continued to move through the field! Onto the run, patience was the key and staying cool. Jappas controlled what he could control, and enjoyed blasting past many athletes who were walking out of the energy lab. After crossing the finish line, Jappas had made up 100 places in his age group over the day, and nearly 340 spots overall! In the process, Jappas broke the British Army Kona course record by over an hour! What an achievement after a fine day! Coach is very proud, Jappas! 

Michele Faul decided to enter a late season Olympic distance in New Jersey. After leading out the swim, Michelle unfortunately had a small crash on a wet corner coming out of T1 and had to spend a bit of time getting her shifting mechanism back working ok. She still produced a very solid bike and was able to get through to the finish line to take the win!!!! Way to persevere, Michele!!!! It's her first result in the squad and we are excited for the future! 

Jan Pascal Tschudy produced an amazing 4th place Overall at the Wadi Rum 250km Ultra Running Race in Jordan last week! This was a first for the squad and the preparations were did still included many hours of swimming and riding to stay fit, but healthy! And it showed as Jan consistently produced a good effort, day after day, and just missed out of 2nd and 3rd place by less than 1min! It was truly amazing to see 3 men battling for the podium after 250km of running in 5 days. The Sutto Shuffle was in full effect, and once again confirmed it's place as a very efficient run style in long distance running! Really please with your hard work, and determination, Jan!