Race results

Fitness is Fitness!

October 8

There is nothing greater than seeing athletes totally buy into a training program, listen to advice, and see the hard work pay off no matter what the race discipline or length! 

Carlos Martinez, even though suffering from a bit of a niggle while running, has the green light for cycling and took his fitness to a 150km Gran Fondo on the outskirts of Mexico City this past weekend, producing a top-10 result! 

Mark Darcy is on a season break, but enjoying some freedom to chose what he does for a couple week after a strong season. He landed on a local cross-country running race this past weekend to push the body a bit and get some hard work in. 

Jappas Du Preez has enjoyed the last couple days in Kona getting ready for the Ironman World Championships next weekend. We decided to test out his swim fitness with the Ho'Ala training swim on Saturday. Jappas produced a great swim, rivaling that of his best ever swim in a wetsuit! This just shows that even though we train a lot with Paddles and Pull Buoy in training, that it doesn't affect the ability to produce a good swim when you aren't allowed to utilize the noeprene! 

Kieran Riley took his multisport fitness this past weekend and entered a local cyclocross race in Germany. When fitness trumps bike handling skills, you can outlast others, but might not be able to take corners the same way! We will keep working on the skills :D 

Allan Hovda unfortunately developed injury after his great Norseman win in July. This has forced us to decrease his run training the past couple months, but luckily, triathlon utilizes fitness from all disciplines. After a big couple blocks of swim and bike training, we showed up at Ironman Barcelona ready for a good day. Allan produced another solid swim, showing his continued improvements, but still coming out of the water 5min behind the lead group. Onto the bike, Allan produced a top-15 bike split, and moved his way through the field. We knew he was fit, but didn't know how the run would go, but Allan quickly showed that fitness is fitness, and produced a stellar 2:54 marathon and ran his way to 15th place overall, after starting the day in 40th out of the water! An 8min IM PB and just 2 minutes off the Norwegian national record, we keep our sights on the future and even better days!

Florian Staudt capped off a week of holiday in the Bavarian Alps with a nice hard 11km trail run back home. Spending 13 hours hiking during the week and 8 hours driving home won't produce a great feeling, but way to stick it out and smash a nice training day! 

Having wanted to run a sub-40 minute 10k all year, Marko Glassner produced a STELLAR 38:59 this past weekend in Bremen, Germany. It just takes some consistent training, hard work, and a bit of fun to reap the benefits! 

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