Race results

Burning It Down In Hawaii!

April 2

Lavaman Triathlon - Hawaii

This past weekend saw Erin Carson and Anne Perry compete in the infamous but not quite "Ironman" Lavaman triathlon near Kona, Hawaii! It's always fun to brush off the cobwebs and get the season started! 

Erin flew in from Boulder, Colorado after a nice long off-season this winter while looking ahead to the 70.3 World Championships in Nice in September! This Olympic distance set us up for a nice slow and steady build with a bit more focus on some intensity over volume in the early season. Erin didn't dissapoint, coming across the finish line 1st in her AG for the first time after many attempts! This included a 1min swim PB, 5min bike PB, and a 2min run PB from 2018! So pleased with how things are going, Erin! Let's keep it up! 

Winner Winner!


Anne Perry had to make the long trip from Honolulu to Kona for this race! Anne had a nice strong race, producing a stellar swim in the ocean, and we kept the bike and run solid looking for the best production we could do on the day after a few very busy weeks of travel before the race! Way to get out and produce the best you could on the day, Anne! We keep building from here! 


Frankencup XC Schraudenbach

Maxi Spahn started his season off with a cross-country MTB in Germany this past weekend. Eager to test out our legs before some longer marathon efforts in the next few weeks, Maxi was joined on the startline by the current German Masters XC champion which would be a good gauge for how the legs were doing. After 60min of brutal effort, Maxi was able to come across the line 5th place, 3rd Elite, and only 30sec behind the German champion which is really good news at this time of the year! 

Photo By Sven Baumann

Photo: Sven Baumann

Looking at his power file from the race, Maxi was able to AVG 321w NP for the 62min, which is actually over his threshold power. But due to the considereable ON/OFF nature of the race where you're either riding 350-400+watts or ZERO, it's hard to deduct that he could average that extra 2% in a steady state 1 hour TT! But what is also remarkable is while 321w NP may not seem that large for an Elite cyclist, look at his watts/kg (~4.52w/kg) for 60min! This is what allows Maxi to climb with some of the best in Germany!